Write a program to print all the odd numbers between 1 to 50

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First, the file DATA containing integer values is. . Write a Function to Check Whether the Given Number is Even or Odd. Sample Solution:- C# Sharp Code:. Sur for posting code as a comment. But this time, we will write c program to find multiples of another number. The QBASIC program to print all the odd numbers between 1 to 50: CLS REM "QBASIC PROGRAM TO PRINT ODD NUMBERS FROM 1 TO 50" FOR I=1 TO 50 STEP 2 PRINT I NEXT I END We take a variable I which is a loop control variable and it runs from 1 to 50 in steps of 2 (which is basically all the odd numbers) On printing we get our desired output. . #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main. memphis shades road warrior sportster. . S = 2500. . Prime number have only two factors, 1 and the number itself. . Logic This program is much similar to this one: Python program to print all odd numbers from 1 to N. Scanner class and its function nextInt () is used to obtain the input, and println () function is used to print on the screen.