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Your options may depend on your driving record but if your drivers license is in good standing typical options are as follows: Elect traffic school option Pay the civil penalty Request a court appearance Traffic School Option. Speeding 1 - 15 mph over the limit. Third, you are required to appear in court when. . Fourth Conviction: starts at $1,000. . Fines vary depending on how much you exceeded the speed limit and your past driving record. 6 to 9 MPH over the speed limit has a minimum payment of $129 10 to 14 MPH over the speed. (WWSB) - School is starting up this week, and the Sarasota Police Department is staying alert for reckless driving in school zones. 00. (No, it's not a typo. For example, the fine might be $35 where the driver was going one to five miles per hour in excess of the speed limit and $70 for violations where the driver was exceeding the speed limit by six to 15 miles per hour. Total Fine = $408. The school zone mandatory minimum sentence is two to four years in state prison.